Family. Friends. Neighbours.

„Being together“ inspires something unique.

Every one of us has our own individual interests and Vinschgau offers something to for everyone. In Vinschgau, community is a vital part of life, and our family, our friends, and our neighbours also join us as your hosts on your unforgettable holiday here.

The Van den Dries Family

„A passionate love of wine inspires passionate wine!“ goes the Van den Dries family. the The family lives high on Calvenschlößl and serve as local, innovative winemakers. Their goal has been to produce a regional specialty wine with an unmistakable character and a high ecological value cultivated on this exceptional site. In our opinion, they have succeeded. Come experience the fruits of their labour in a glass of Weinhof Calvenschlößl. We feature these extraordinary organic wines from Laatsch on our wine list. They are rare and in demand. Discover them yourself. | +39 0473 835278 |

Dr. Roman Alber, Veterinarian

Dr. Alber is our local vet, and also happens to be the brother of La Calva’s own hostess, Elisabeth Alber. Dr. Alber runs a well-equipped and cheerful vet practice, which is the first place to go to for your pet health needs during your holiday in Vinschgau. Located right next to La Calva, it offers you first class consulting and the most modern technology, including a digital X-ray system, ECG, ultrasonic, an on-site laboratory, and possibilities for a stationary cure. | +39 333 4171 434 |

Schuster bakery

„There is nothing more positive than bread“ wrote Dostoevsky, and he was right: as pure as nature, regional, rich and delicious. The bread from the Schuster bakery in Laatsch has preserved the unmistakably original characteristics and substance. It is culture and flavour in one. It sustains our region and Alpinists alike. The Schuster bakery is well-known for its Paarl-Brot („pair bread“), and is the gem of our village. You will not want to miss discovering it on your gourmet holiday in South Tyrol. | +39 0473 831340 |

Supermarket in Laatsch

„Little but fine, something very special.“ It is so simple and yet so challenging to preserve regional flavours, but we guarantee it is possible with the specialities from the village supermarket of Laatscher.

Arts in Laatsch

The arts make life surprising. This is why we are honoured to present the work of local artists Franz Josef Paulmichl and Patrizia Gunsch here at the Calva. The featured artists works change each month and each of the two artists exhibit their locally inspired works, highlighting the range and beauty of their latest creations. The themes are as many folded as the region itself, and previous exhibitions have touched on physiognomy, the idea of homeland, the abstract world, primary power and many more.  |